Hi! Have you made your cocoa¬† yet? My name is Maddie, and welcome to my very first blog! I’m so excited! So first I have to give credit to my mom, for giving me the idea to start. And to my awesome sister for coming up with the name. As you’ve probably figured, I LOVE hot chocolate. I literally have a cup every day. Yup, summer too! There is nothing I enjoy more than to sit down at three o’clock with a book and my cup o’joe.

So for the first nineteen years of my life, I was an east coast girl. I lived right outside D.C. (I can’t count how many times we took day trips to visit museums and memorials.) My dad eventually retired, and we started to plan the “Cross Country Trip”. We visited 23 states, and saw some amazing landmarks. Thinking we were going to end up in Coronado, CA, we found ourselves here. In Montana. And we are loving it.

This blog is going to be all about that trip. The amazing sites we saw, the times we had and how I’m adjusting to life here in the country. Along the way, I’ll post recipes, home-renovation updates, and most importantly….book reviews!!! (I’m such a book nerd!)

So go make that joe if you haven’t already, and get ready to hear about the tales of a city girl adjusting to life in the country.

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